Chinese Lessons for Heritage Learners

In our Chinese Lessons for Heritage Learners, teachers pay particular attention to the specific challenges heritage students may face. "Heritage" is defined in the linguistic, NOT ethnic, sense. Academic research has shown statistically significant differences between heritage and non-heritage students in some but not all aspects of the linguistic performance. One of the common challenges a heritage learner may face is the limited capacity in reading and writing. Focus may also be placed on test-taking skills if required. A teacher may adjust the learning material and teaching method based on the heritage student's particular needs.
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"My family moved to Canada while I was two. I grew up speaking some Chinese at home, but I never learned to read or write. I've been learning Chinese characters with my teacher Julie for a year now and she has been extremely helpful. She is caring, patient and resourceful. Now, I can read intermediate-level articles and also write short paragraphs (type characters on computers)."
- Christie R. Galindo, Ottawa, Ontario
Dec. 5, 2017
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Madeline Owens
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Amelia Gu