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Chinese Lessons for Job Interviews

Chinese Lessons for Job Interviews
This Chinese course is designed for those who, for whatever reason, may need to speak some Mandarin Chinese during a job interview. All lessons in this Chinese course are based on real job interview scenarios.
Selected Topics:
  • Self-introduction (My name is…)
  • Describing one's character (I am outgoing…)
  • Education background (I graduated from…)
  • Working experiences (I was working for…)
  • Discussing career plans (In the next five years, I plan to…)
  • Describing one's hobbies (I enjoy…)
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"I wanted to learn Chinese so that I can have a better chance in career advancement. I had some basic knowledge of Chinese, but my pronunciation was poor. After 4 months of live lessons at eChineseLearning , my pronunciation has improved tremendously. And recently I got a dream job in the marketing department of a big international company! Thank you!"
- Monica Hughes, Miami, Florida
May. 17, 2018
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