Chinese Grammar

Chinese grammar is an important part of Chinese learning. As you begin to learn Chinese, you should learn Chinese grammar in a systematic way. This is because Chinese grammar can bring clarity and deeper understanding of sentence structures. In this section, you can learn Chinese grammar such as basic sentence structures and idiomatic Chinese expression. It is an effective way to improve your Chinese grammar skills through learning Chinese online because of its convenience and flexibility. If you are interested in one-to-one lessons, our Chinese teachers can help you learn Chinese grammar effectively.
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Chinese Grammar Materials

About Chinese Grammar

Studying Chinese grammar is an essential part of the Chinese learning process. One key feature of Chinese grammar is that all words have only one grammatical form; with minor exceptions, the language lacks conjugation, declension, or any other inflection. Mandarin is often classified as an SVO language, because in Chinese grammar, verbs precede rather than follow objects in simple sentences. Chinese grammar also relies on the formation of adjectival phrases rather than subordination. All Chinese learners should study Chinese grammar if they want to be able to effectively communicate in Chinese.
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