Chinese Culture

  • Chinese New Year 2015    2015.2.19
    Chinese New Year 2015 is on Feb.19th, 2015. According to Lunar Year Calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep.
  • Learn Chinese culture - To be the host    2008.11.25
    Have you ever invite your Chinese friend to dinner? How to express "it is my treat, let me be the host"? Listen to how these two guys say.
  • Learn Chinese culture - 24 Solar Terms     2008.10.20
    "Li Dong (立冬)" is the Beginning of Winter in China! Li Dong is the 19th solar term. Besides Li Dong, there are 24 Solar Terms.
  • Learn Chinese culture - About Chinese Fengshui   2008.10.15
    Deciding not to go with a red sofa, moving a mirror from the bedroom to the living room, changing the position of the bed in your bedroom.
  • Learn Chinese - Chinese Culture Points   2008.9.17
    The Chinese system of names and titles is by and large complicated. Titles may be used to address each other among one's colleagues, e.g. "màizŏng and Liú Jīnglǐ". For acquaintances personal names and surnames may be preceded by "lǎo" (old) or "xiǎo" (young). Formal patterns of address include "xiānsheng" (mister,Sir). "nŭshì" (Ms or Mrs), "tàitai" (madam or Mrs) and "xiǎojie" (miss).
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