Top quality language teaching demands first-tier professional teachers. All of our teachers have received professional training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language." They have also received rigorous on-the-job training in teaching Chinese online. Their effective instruction has been highly praised by thousands of students. Watch the testimonial videos below.

What our customers say about us:

Chen Zhang, Jinghuai Xiong, Zitao Pan and Haoyang Cui are some of our students taking IB Chinese lessons at eChineseLearning. We are so pleased they wrote a Chinese song to express their appreciation and sing their praises to eChineseLearning.
Elijah,Savannah and Annabelle now living in the United States, I love eChineseLearning and China teachers.
Xiao Lan is 7 years old and in the second grade. She likes the teacher at eChineseLearning because the teacher not only teaches Xiao Lan how to speak and write Chinese characters but also plays games with her!
Ron Tager has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning and really enjoyed the service. He would highly recommend eChineseLearning.
Brenton, from North Carolina, learns Chinese for more than 10 years with eChineseLearning. The teachers are very patient, and he enjoys the classes very much.
Sofia lives in America, has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning since she was in the ninth grade. She likes eChineseLearning because the lessons are very suitable and useful for her.
Ron from Chicago is sharing how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped him with his Mandarin Chinese and recommending the flexible curriculum schedule.
Ruiya and her adoptive daughter Wenting are sharing how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped with Wenting’s Mandarin as well as Chinese culture and highly recommending eChineseLearning to Chinese learners.
Madeline Owens was borned in China and now living in America, she is sharing how her teacher Penny from eChineseLearning has helped with her spoken Chinese and the memorable learning experience with eChineseLearning’s immersion program in Xi’an.
Wilson Guo, a Chinese American, is sharing his improvements in Mandarin Chinese through eChineseLearning’s 1-to-1 live online Chinese classes.
Rockking from the UK is showing his great interest in Chinese culture including Chinese calligraphy, history and food while learning Chinese in Xi’an on eChineseLearning’s immersion program.
Olivia from America is sharing her Chinese learning experience, and she really likes the teachers at eChineseLearning.
Amelia Gu from California is speaking highly of her primary teacher Nissa from eChineseLearning who greatly helped her Chinese on speaking and writing.
Natalie Ieyoub, an American citizen, is sharing her rapid and brilliant Chinese learning progress and recommending eChineseLearning’s professional tutoring services.
Aris Kampanis, an engineer from Greece, is showing his great interest in China as well as Chinese culture and how he loves to learn Mandarin Chinese with his teacher Nancy from eChineseLearning.
Martin Fenton, an American HR manager is sharing his Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning and how his primary teacher helped him to prepare for HSK test (level 3).
Yash Dutt, an Indian, now lives in Singapore. In order to learn Chinese through HSK test, eChineseLearning is a good website for learning Chinese. The teacher's content is very comprehensive. eChineseLearning is highly recommended if you want to learn Chinese.
You En,a British who really likes eChineseLearning because the teachers are very friendly. His teacher gives him interesting classes and makes him feel confident.
David Jupp, an Australian scholar, highly recommended eChineseLearning for its professional services and tutoring, which greatly helped his Mandarin Chinese on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Suman, from Sinapore, studies Chinese because he wants to communicate with her kids and colleagues. eChineseLearning’s flexible and easy teaching method helps him to achieve this goal effectively.
Vaidyanath Swamy, a businessman from Singapore, has been studying business Chinese with eChineseLearning for two years. eChineseLearning’s flexible online class booking system and professional teachers make his Chinese learning enjoyable and effective.
Aaron Sweeney, a Canadian student, is showing his great appreciation to eChineseLearning for its flexible services and professional teachers.
Laura Silverman, a professor from Ohio, is sharing her experience of studying Mandarin at eChineseLearning for 3 years. Two of her students in college also gave their positive feedback on the great progress she made.
Arvin, an American, likes eChinese Learning very much, because it is fun and the teacher is also very good.
Jerry Kek, Jerry, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, joined a Chinese class at eChineseLearning 3 months ago. He is interested in Chinese culture. He likes the school because he can take the course at a time most convenient for him and his teacher teaches him according to his needs.
Lisa Ng from America has learning Chinese online with eChineseLearning for over 2 years, she is showing great interest in learning Mandarin with her primary teacher Evalin who is professional in tutoring.
Madeline Owens has lived in China until she was 2 years old and now living in America, she is sharing the Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning and how the teacher helped her Mandarin on speaking and writing.
Richard Snow from America is taking Chinese lessons with his primary teacher Amy from eChineseLearning. He finds learning Mandarin with eChineseLearning quite easy and fun.
Nick Barry is learning Mandarin with eChineseLearning through immersion Chinese program in Wuhan, China. He has been greatly satisfied with the professional services and teachers.
Ian Costanzo, a Canadian living in Victoria, is sharing his Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning. He highly recommends eChineseLearning to anyone who’s interested in learning Chinese.
Daniel Chong has been learning Chinese with eChineseLearning since two years ago. He had a great time experiencing local life and culture while learning Mandarin under eChineseLearning’s immersion program in Xi’an.
Eric Olander, a media executive from America and now living in Vietnam, is highly praising eChineseLearning’s flexible teaching methods and professional teachers. His knowledge of Chinese culture, history and customs has been increased a lot after 4-years learning at eChineseLearning.
Hollis Ho, originally from Hong Kong and living in Australia, is showing his great appreciation to eChineseLearning’s flexible schedule and professional teachers who helped him a lot with his Mandarin.
Spencer Wells, an American citizen, highly praises eChineseLearning, regarding it as the most convenient way to learn Mandarin Chinese and highly recommending its 1-to-1 Chinese lessons with native teachers.
Normand Bourque, a French-Canadian, is sharing his travel experience in China and recommending eChineseLearning’s flexible lesson schedule and highly-qualified teachers.
Jose Luis Villegas, an Mexican businessman frequently traveling to China, is drawing the conclusion, based on his own research and learning experience, that eChineseLearning is the best way to learn Chinese.
Michael Stewart, a Canadian citizen, has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning for over 5 years. He’d like to recommend eChineseLearning for its professional teachers and services.
Michael Ackermann, a Canadian citizen, is sharing the story about how he ended up learning Chinese with eChineseLearning, which helped a lot with his Mandarin and enriched his life.
Micha Rosen, an Israeli citizen, is sharing his Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning and how he was pleased with the professional services and teachers provided by eChineseLearning.
Chen Chaozhuo from America has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning for half a year. He feels the course price is reasonable and want to work in China as a pilot.
Frank has been learning Chinese for two years and he can speak Mandarin. He likes Chinese very much because his girlfriend is Chinese.
Ray has been studying Chinese at eChineseLearning for 5 years, and he likes his Mandarin teachers for their patience.
Reuven Lemer, an Israeli citizen, is talking about his tremendous progress in Chinese learning and his satisfaction with eChineseLearning’s professional services and teachers.
Josh has studied Chinese for one year with eChineseLeanring and found it very helpful. He was greatly satisfied with his professional teacher.
Hajna McGrath from Hungary is talking about her Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning and enjoyable Chinese-style life in Xi’an.
Anthony Lucken, a professor in Switzerland is sharing his motivation to study Chinese and how his teacher Debbie at eChineseLearning has helped him to learn Chinese tones and characters.
Peter Dalbert from Switzerland is sharing the story about how he ended up learning Chinese online with eChineseLearning and how his teachers have helped with his spoken and written Mandarin.
Jayshiro Tashiro, a university professor from America, highly recommended eChineseLearning’s high-quality instructional model, especially for its live 1-to-1 Skype lessons, and expecting for continuous learning with eChineseLearning in the future.
Stewart, from Canada, has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning for over a year. He enjoys the service because the teachers are all extremely friendly, patient and skilled in language instruction.
Wilky Lau has been studying in eChineseLearning for three months. He thinks the system is very good and teachers are very patient.
Michael Stewart has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning for quite a few years. He thinks studying is really fun because the teachers are experts at what they do and they are very flexible.
EuKim works in Hong Kong. Learning Chinese is very important to him, and studying at eChineseLearning makes him more confident.
Austin He like eating mango and pomegranate. He have many pets ,and like learn Chinese in eChineseLearning with pets.
Vincent Li, an English businessman living in Hong Kong, is sharing the reason why he should learn Chinese and how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped with his spoken Chinese.
Tongtong is ten years old this year and lives in France. He has studied Chinese at ECL for two years. He can write a lot of Chinese characters and likes learning Chinese very much.
An Wulie, an American, has studied Chinese in eChineseLearning for four months. Before that, he studied Chinese for five years. Two years ago, he could only use Chinese for daily communication. In the past four months, Chinese has improved a lot. eChineseLearning teachers are very enthusiastic and responsible, and it is very convenient to choose courses and classes.
Dawn Scott Batts, an American citizen, is sharing her experience of learning Mandarin through eChineseLearning’s immersion program in Wuhan, which was tailored to her needs and immersed herself in the Chinese language and the local culture.
Lin Yaping has been in the eChineseLearning class for a year and a half. She finds the eChineseLearning class very interesting, and now she has more confidence in her Chinese ability through learning.
Wu Dilong, now in seventh grade, likes to learn languages, I can speak English and Chinese, I also learn Spanish, and I like eChineseLearning very much.
Chris, I have been learning Chinese in eChineseLearning for about 3 months. eChineseLearning has improved my confidence in learning Chinese and my ability to use Chinese.,I am very satisfied with the services provided by eChineseLearning.
Rachel, has been learning Chinese for more than two years and loves the teaching style of eChineseLearning very much. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Thank you very much for eChineseLearning!
Zofia, Australian, lives in Melbourne, learning Chinese in eChineseLearning is very convenient, the teachers are also very good, like eChineseLearning very much.
Kecheng, 10 years old this year, has been studying in eChineseLearning for a year, and learned a lot of new Chinese characters in ecl. Thank you very much to the teachers of eChineseLearning.
Monday Fei, whose English name is Emily, is 10 years old and lives in Houston, USA. She has been taking Chinese classes for almost a year. Her teacher is very interesting and caring. She likes her Chinese teacher very much.
Ola, from Poland, teaches in a university. The price of eChineseLearning is very affordable, and he can learn Chinese clearly and clearly, so I highly recommend eChineseLearning.
Sam, have studied Chinese in eChineseLearning for a year and a half. Classes here are very flexible and the teachers are very patient. If you decide to participate in eChineseLearning, I would highly recommend it.
Mark, I have studied Chinese at eChineseLearning.com for two years. The teachers here are very good. I learned a lot of vocabulary here. I can communicate with others well. Learning Chinese at eChineseLearning is very worthwhile!
David, an American, has been studying eChineseLearning for a year and a half. I like eChineseLearning very much. If you want to learn Chinese, I recommend you to come to eChineseLearning.


“I am Esther from Singapore. The reason that I took up lessons with eChineseLearning is to improve my proficiency in Business Chinese. My current job requires me to work with Chinese counterparts in China, and raising my Chinese to a new level is necessary. The teachers are responsible, observant to my needs and very willing to share more than the knowledge in the textbook. Student service also responds promptly and is helpful to my queries. I sincerely recommend potential students who wants to learn Chinese to enroll with eChineseLearning!”
- Esther, Singapore
Jan. 29, 2021
"Simply put, eChineseLearning is in a league of its own. No other program on the market can equal it for depth or value. Students avoid the often stale environment of endless repetition and worksheets. Every class is a lively experience with a native speaker reinforcing students' grammar, introducing colloquialisms and offering encouragement exactly when it's needed. I feel this has been one of the best investments of my life."
- Jacob Mustoe, United States
Aug. 3, 2017
"eChineseLearning.com has been one of the best things I've done this year. Both scheduling classes and having the decision on what to learn are (both) very flexible, so I can learn at my own pace and focus on my problem areas. Since I often find myself in China for work, my teacher has been showing me phrases specific to my industry, so I can usually immediately put what I've learnt to the test."
- Eric, New York, United States
Aug. 22, 2017
"I would like to express my great satisfaction with ECL(eChineseLearning) course. In my third month I am already able to construct small sentences and establish simple conversations in my current business travel to Taiwan. Through this course I realized that it is really possible to learn Chinese. Despite the difficulty, I am enjoying the learning process provided by your didactical methodology. I would like also to attest competence of ECL teachers, in particular of my primary teacher Lea. I feel ECL teachers very committed with my learning process. Congratulations. Keep up the outstanding performance."
- Carlos Santos, France
Aug. 12, 2017


"I really wanted to take the AP exam in Chinese as I had planned to double major in both Chinese and Korean. I found eChineseLearning, (and) took the AP course. I passed the exam and am now on my way to achieve my dream and will definitely remain a student. Thank you all so much!"
- Maria, Pennsylvania, USA
Aug. 11, 2016
"I used to love Chinese music when I was a little kid even though I didn't understand it at that time. I signed up to learn Chinese via songs. I didn't really like studying much before, but now every time my teacher shows me a new song, I actually get excited to learn!"
- Joanna, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Feb. 8, 2018
"I want to thank my teacher, Kimberly, for helping me with my SAT Chinese. I got a great score on this year's SAT Chinese test. Cheers! I really enjoy the lessons and they really helped a lot!"
- Thomas, Mutterstadt, Germany
Sept. 1, 2017


"I'm very happy to say that Crystal is a blessing to my daughter Alice. She is intuitive, patient, and understanding. The classes are simple, but effective and are well thought out with different ways of teaching. Alice has always had a great time learning Chinese and I hope she can continue learning with Crystal for a long time."
- Nikki Baldi, Costa Masnaga, Italy
Sept. 10, 2017
"I love my Chinese classes because I get to learn from Chinese cartoons. It's very interesting. I'm always looking forward to my next class. I have learned many Chinese words and expressions. I'm happy that I can talk with my Chinese friends now."
- Ethan, France
Mar. 5, 2018
"Our daughter joined eChineseLearning to learn Chinese who we adopted from China about a year ago. It's really important to us that she could learn enough of the language. Teachers here are all very professional and experienced. We're learning not only the language but also the culture. I highly recommend eChineseLearning for anyone, whether in our circumstance or those just trying to learn this challenging language."
- Jeff Nelson, Maryland, U.S.
Jan. 14, 2018

Educational Institutions

"I attended the Summer Chinese courses in my school, a joint program with eChineseLearning. The program was very helpful for my learning. My teacher Lara is great. She encouraged me and gave me many suggestions."
- Steven, Virginia, U.S.
Sep. 5, 2017
"With eChineseLearning, the Mandarin Institute created an authentic learning environment that enhanced its middle and high school programs. eChineseLearning supported our in-class instruction by providing one-to-one dialogues that increased the students' interpretive and interpersonal language skills. The tutors formed positive interactions with our students and adapted to our curriculum requirements."
- Yalan King, Executive Director of Mandarin Institute, San Francisco
Nov. 20, 2017
"The teachers from eChineseLearning are very professional and experienced. Our students have shown quick improvement with their help. Their teaching method is flexible according to the students, which helps a lot. Thank you all very much."
- Evan, a School Official, California
Jul. 11, 2016

Corporate Training

"Since we began attending the language training program from eChineseLearning, we have been extremely satisfied with both the quality of the teachers as well as the class content. The atmosphere is intimate and the learning schedule is very flexible for our busy schedule."
- James Miller, Los Angeles, U.S.
Sept. 15, 2017
"I work for an international company based in China where most of our employees are native Chinese people: the language barrier can be a problem. To solve this, we joined a Chinese training program from eChineseLearning. The online classes are actually quite cost-effective, even compared with face-to-face options in China (bad traffic, scheduling, travel, etc.)."
- Edward Hall, an engineer of a multinational company in China
May 7, 2018
"I'm lucky to be one of those in our company who got to attend the Chinese training program. The online lessons were surprisingly easy to set up and manage. It really helped my learning."
- Joseph Davis, an analyst in a multinational company in China
Dec. 7, 2017
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