Our Team

Our team consists of dynamic individuals with rich experience in Chinese language instruction from universities such as Stanford University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Language and Culture University, all working together to create the best possible language learning experience.

Quality Instruction

Training for Chinese teacher
eChineseLearning has some of the best Mandarin Chinese teachers. All of our Chinese teachers received systematic training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language," and get continuous and rigorous on-the-job training. They are experienced from working with individuals from over 100 countries and from 3 to 86 years old, as well as with schools and corporations.

Quality Assurance System

Best Chinese teacher
Providing the best Chinese learning experience for our students is always the top priority and the focus of our organization. eChineseLearning's industry leading quality assurance system continuously improves teaching quality, service level, and students' learning experience at our school. Lively discussions are held daily to discuss students' progress and evaluate our teachers’ performance.


Activities for Chinese teachers
eChineseLearning organizes a lot of activities involving all of our Chinese teachers and other staff members to make the office atmosphere lively. Every year, we host various events such as badminton and table tennis tournaments. In addition, we also organize Karaoke events regularly and go hiking together on the weekends. At eChineseLearning, we maintain a joyful working environment for all of our Chinese teachers and staff members.
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"I would like to express my great satisfaction with ECL(eChineseLearning) course. In my third month I am already able to construct small sentences and establish simple conversations in my current business travel to Taiwan. Through this course I realized that it is really possible to learn Chinese. Despite the difficulty, I am enjoying the learning process provided by your didactical methodology. I would like also to attest competence of ECL teachers, in particular of my private Chinese teacher Lea. I feel ECL teachers very committed with my learning process. Congratulations. Keep up the outstanding performance."
- Carlos Santos, France
Aug. 12, 2012
adult talking about online Chinese learning experience
Ian Costanzo