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Fun Stuff (Beginner Level)

eChineseLearning provides a huge number of FREE Chinese learning materials to help you learn Chinese and have lots of fun too. These fun Chinese resources are edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff. Satisfaction guaranteed! Free Chinese resources from eChineseLearning will be a great companion for you as you learn Chinese.

It is common to see many carts like the one in the video set out along the street selling breakfast each morning. A traditional breakfast, 煎饼果子(jiānbǐng guǒzi), is made up mainly of a fried flour and egg batter, with chopped green onions, lettuce and soy sauce. You can also ask for hot sauce for a ...

New Movie
非常完美(fēicháng wánměi) Sophie’s Revenge

Watch the movie
The new movie 非常完美(fēicháng wánměi)
Sophie’s Revenge, released on Aug.14th, 2009,
is a new kind of romantic comedy with a global vision. It stars Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing together with Peter Ho, and South Korean actor Ji-seob as the male lead. It is “a war to win love” ...

Instructions: Fill in the blanks


Horizontal lines:
①celebrate the Spring Festival on the first lunar month
②a greeting used when people meet in the morning
③things like cakes or deserts
Vertical lines:
⑵an auspicious greeting during the Spring Festival
⑶memorial days or traditional days to celebrate or offer sacrifices to ancestors such as The Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival

Dáoyǎn:   Féngxiǎogāng
导演 :     冯小刚
Zhú yǎn:  Gě yōu       Shū qí         Fāngzhōngxìn
主演:      葛优           舒淇           方中信
Xúruòxuān    Fànwěi   Féngyuǎnzhēng
徐若瑄             范伟        冯远征
Shàngyìng rìqī   nián
上映日期 :2008年 ...

A: Nĭmen zhōngguó de fúwùyè zhēn shì zhōu dào.
A: 你们      中国        的 服务业   真   是    周    到。
A: The service industry in China is really thorough.
B: Nĭ cóng nă kàn chū lái de?
B: 你   从   哪  看   出  来 的?
B: Where did you come ...

Lăoshī: Sānzhōngquánhuì hòu, zhōngguó zuì dà de biànhuà shì shénme?
老师:            三中全会        后,  中国       最  大 的   变化     是   什么?
Teacher: What was the greatest change in China after the Third Plenary Session?
Xuésheng: Sānzhōngquánhuì hòu, zhōngguó zuì dà de biànhuà shì nóngmín ...

Yì jiā shí yì kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
1. 一家 十 一 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
There are eleven mouths in a family. (Guess a Chinese character)

Chī yí bàn, ná yí bàn (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
2. 吃 一半, 拿 一 半 ...

Are you familiar with Li Na, a world famous tennis player? She was not only the world tennis champion, but was also glad to teach other foreign athletes how to speak Chinese. Please watch the video below to check out what Li Na has to say.

Learning Points
Zhè shì wǎngqiú.
1. 这    是   网球。
This is ...

In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was learning Mandarin with the help of his friend and made a fool of himself in the process. Now let’s pick up two practical learning points from this video about how to introduce oneself and the extended meaning of “死(sǐ).”
Learning Point 1:
Wǒ ...

In the video, the little girl was introducing herself in Chinese with the help of her mother. She said: “我现在是四岁了。(Wǒ xiànzài shì sì suì le.) I’m 4 years old now.” She was doing great, and only made a small mistake.
In the Chinese language, to express age, the structure is “Subject + Number + 岁(suì).” “岁(suì)” ...

In the video the husband tries to master the four tones of “ma.” In the process, he made a lot of mistakes. But with the help of his wife, he gradually mastered the four tones. Is it really so hard to master Chinese tones? Today we will introduce an easy and interesting tongue twister- ...

Two months ago Jack arrived in China for business. He loves learning Chinese; however, he only studied the language briefly before leaving for China. What will happen to him with such limited Chinese knowledge? Let’s take a look.
Jack lives near his company, so he decides to go to work every morning by foot. By walking, ...

Eric had been in China for less than a year. He didn’t know much Chinese, and made mistakes from time to time. One day, he was late for his Chinese class. Here’s the conversation between him and his teacher.
Lǎoshī: Wèi shénme chídào?
老师:   为      什么     迟到?


Teacher: Why are you ...

Key Learning Point Preview:
安全 (ānquán) adj./n. safe/safety

Story: After spending the evening together, Lucy and Lily are saying goodbye and getting ready to go home.
         Zhème   wǎnle, wǒ yǒudiǎn hàipà!
Lucy:这么      晚了,我     有点     害怕!

I’m a bit scared to go outside so late.
        Nǐ zhǎng de zhème ānquán! Méi shìr!
Lily:你   长     得   这么   安全!   没  事儿!

You look so safe. Don’t ...

Key learning point:
达人(dárén): an expert or someone who is outstanding in a specified field

What is your “达人(dárén) talent?”

中国达人秀 (zhōngguó dárénxiù)

中国达人秀 (zhōngguó dárénxiù) or China’s Got Talent, a show which searches for talent within the public, has taken the Chinese word 达人 (dárén) and put it center stage. The word now ...

A Chinese teacher organized over ten foreign students to walk to the Tianjin Zoo; they were hoping to get their first glimpse of the panda. After leaving the school gate, the group needed to cross a busy road with rushing traffic. The teacher told the foreign students loudly: “看车!(kàn chē!).” Surprisingly, all the students stopped ...

When I was in Beijing for school, I went to a restaurant and correctly ordered “麻婆豆腐 (Mápódòufu) Mapo Tofu” and “宫保鸡丁 (Gōngbǎojīdīng) Kung-Pao Chicken.” I can’t express how excited I was at the time. Back in Europe, I recited common Chinese menus endlessly to invisible waiters and at times in Mandarin class. After the meal, ...

In recent years, the number of private cars and younger owners in China has steadily risen, bringing with it, the pursuit of  “个性 (gèxìng),” or individuality through a more colorful and personal “爱车 (àichē) car.” The simple, but sweet application of a unique ”车贴 (chētiē) sticker” seems to be just what the trend orders.
Bumper car stickers ...

In its simplest form, the word “方便 (fāngbiàn)” is an adjective that means “convenient.” A good example is “方便面 (fāngbiànmiàn) instant noodles,” literally “convenient noodles.” However, Focke, an American, only knew this word as a verb with the colloquial meaning “to go to the toilet/use the restroom” (much like the British expression “to use the convenience.”) ...

我还要包子。(Wǒ hái yào bāozi.) I want more steamed stuffed buns.


In the video above, the father repeated a sentence “我还要包子 (Wǒ hái yào bāozi) I want more steamed stuffed buns,” but the kid refuse to say the phrase “还要 (hái yào)” no matter how his father tried.
The phrase “还要 (hái yào)” is composed of two Chinese ...

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