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Chinese Tests >> Mini Test (Intermediate)

eChineseLearning provides a wide variety of Chinese level tests for you to use when learning Chinese online. These Chinese tests are FREE and are designed by our professional teaching staff to help you test your Chinese level, build your Chinese vocabulary, and to act as a supplemental tool for your Chinese language studies. These tests go hand-in-hand with our wide range of Chinese test prep courses.

How’s the weather today? How’s the weather in Shanghai? Talking about the weather is a nice ice-breaker to start a conversation.

Exercises in the Video:
1. Bella: Míngtiān tiānqì zěnmeyàng?
    Ellie: I heard that tomorrow would be very cold. Bella, you’d better wear your jacket.
    What does Bella want to know? Please choose the best answer according ...

Presents, cakes, candles, and maybe a bowl of noodles?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Lìli, nǐ shénme shíhou guò shēngrì?
    B: Liù yuè shíbā hào.
    What will probably happen on June 18th this year? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Lili will give birth to a baby.
    B. Lili will go to Japan.
    C. Lili will ...

Dàn yuàn rén cháng jiǔ, qiān lǐ gòng chán juān! (We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful light even though miles apart.) What a beautiful poem for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Let’s talk about the traditions of this important Chinese Festival in this lesson!

Exercises in the Video:
1. ...

There are people who often do something that exceeds other’s expectations. Some might, perhaps, memorize long passages in a book, or skillfully craft a figurine with dexterous hands. Sometimes though, not all talents are necessarily beneficial…like those who max out three credit cards in a single day.

Exercises in the Video:
1. What would she say? Please ...

You are in a Chinese restaurant in New York. The waiter is about to provide you western utensils, yet you’d like to use chopsticks. What should you say?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Lydia, nǐ huì yòng kuàizi!
    B: Shì a, wǒ xǐhuan yòng kuàizi.
    Which of the following statements is true according to the dialogue?

You successfully signed a contract with a Chinese client, and got invited for a celebration party. Your Chinese host proposed a toast but you don’t drink alcohol at all. You don’t want to offend them but how do you explain to them politely?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A? Jīntiān shì nǐ de shēngrì? I forgot it. ...

“This bag needs to be a little cheaper!” “This skirt needs to be a little cheaper!” “That DVD needs to be a little cheaper!” This lesson will show you the art of bargaining!

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Josh, nǐ wèishénme bù chī wǎnfàn?
    B: Wǒ xiǎnɡ jiǎn féi, wǒ xiǎnɡ shòu yìdiǎnr.
    Which of the ...

You feel very hungry because you didn’t have breakfast this morning. But the Mandarin class doesn’t end for 20 more minutes. At the moment, you’d probably say “我恨不得现在就下课 (Wǒ hènbude xiànzài jiù xiàkè)!”
Question: What does the word “恨不得 (hènbude)” mean here?
A. hate
B. very anxious to
C. love
D. not allowed to
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According to the Pinyin given in each question, take the character parts (A, B etc.) and put them together into a character that goes along with the Pinyin.
Pinyin— Hàn: A. 又   B. 氵
汉 (Hàn): Chinese, name of a dynasty, Han.

Stroke order:

Now, answer the following in the same manner as the example ...

Tāmen liǎ liǎngnián qián jiù chuī le.
他们  俩       两年      前   就   吹 了。
Question: What is the relationship status of the couple?
A. They broke up two years ago.
B. They have been married for two years.
C. They have been a couple for two years.
D. They will get married in two years.
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Zhè xiē jiājù kàn shàng qù shì mùtou de, _____ shì sùliào de.
这   些 家具   看   上     去  是   木头 的,_____ 是  塑料  的。
A. 反而 (fǎn’ér)
B. 其实 (qíshí)
C. 其中 (qízhōng)
See Answer Analysis

Tom: Jenny, nǐ juéde Jack zhège rén zěnme yàng?
Tom: Jenny, 你  觉得 Jack   这个  人   怎么样?
Tom: Jenny, what do you think of Jack?
Jenny: Wǒ bú tài xǐhuan tā, tā yí dùzi de huāhuāchángzi.
Jenny: 我   不  太  喜欢 他,他 一肚子的     花花肠子。
Jenny: I don’t really like him, ______ .
Why doesn’t Jenny like Jack?
A. Because she thinks that Jack’s intestines are terrible.
B. Because she thinks that Jack is a ...

Bet you don’t know these ways to use “千(qiān)” and “万(wàn)”! Take our test to prove us wrong. We dare you!
Zhāng Yīng: Wáng Míng, _____ méi xiǎngdào nǐ guàkē le!
张         英: 王      明,  _____  没   想到      你  挂科  了!
Zhang Ying: Wang Ming, _____ you failed the exam!
Wáng Míng: Xīnsāi! ...

Lǐ Lì:    Jīntiān zhēn rè a!
李丽:今天     真    热 啊!
Lily: It’s so hot today!
Wáng Lín:  Shì a,   néng chuān duōshǎo chuān duōshǎo, tài rè le.
王       琳:是 啊, 能      穿       多少       穿       多少,       太 ...

Please select the correct English translation for the following Chinese sentence.
Xǐshǒujiān zài nǎlǐ? 洗手间在哪里?
A. Where is the kitchen?
B. Where is the fitting room?
C. Where is the bathroom?
See Answer Analysis

For Chinese people, which of the following numbers has a bad meaning?
A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 9

Not sure about the answer? No worries, just take a look at the article WeChat Lucky Money Taps Into Chinese New Year Tradition to figure out the correct answer!
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Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)
As long as you have proper learning methods, it will be not difficult to learn Chinese. Do you know the Chinese characters of the word “difficult?”
A. 贫穷
B. 困难
C. 简单
D. 富裕
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Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)
The weekend is coming and you will go shopping with your friends. “逛街” is the Chinese meaning of going shopping. Do you know the Chinese pinyin of “逛街”?
A. Guàngjiē
B. Guòjié
C. Guāngmíng
D. Guăngzhōu
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Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)
If the phrase “明星” appears in HSK, do you know which is the Chinese pinyin to “明星” in the following?
A. Miánxiàn
B. Míngxīng
C. Míngxiăn
D. Míngbai
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Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)
“让咱们用响亮的音乐使聚会欢快起来.” What is the Chinese pinyin for the phrase “响亮?”
A. xiānyàn
B. xiǎngliàng
C. rènɑo
D. qímiào
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