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Chinese for Kids (Intermediate Level)

eChineseLearning offers numerous resources for children which will help your child learn Mandarin Chinese. Our Chinese materials for kids are developed by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff, and specially designed for children to learn Chinese. We offer a variety of interesting, kid-friendly topics which enable young learners to pick up Chinese effectively, while at the same time having fun! Best of all, our Chinese materials for kids are totally FREE! If your child needs more professional, systematic instruction, our private Mandarin lessons for kids are perfect for you. Your child can also take a free trial lesson to make sure it's a good fit.

Jim Rogers is a famous American investor who loves Chinese culture and used to travel around mainland China by motorcycle in the 1980s.
Rogers’ daughters, Happy Rogers & Bee Rogers, are quite fluent in Mandarin Chinese. At the end of 2017, a video of Happy and Bee speaking Chinese exploded on the Chinese web, as shown ...

Learning Chinese can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids, but it can also be a challenging one. As a parent, there are many ways you can help your child enjoy learning Chinese and develop a lifelong love of the language.

Here are five main methods to consider:

No.1 Start with fun, age-appropriate materials

Children are ...

Parents with no Chinese background, may wonder: Do their children need to watch cartoons to learn Chinese? Isn’t watching cartoons a waste of learning time? Actually, the answer is “not at all.” For many non-Chinese children, Chinese cartoons offer a more realistic language environment and authentic expressions than textbooks and regular curricula, and the Chinese ...

Chinese culture is profound with a long history, and this includes Chinese food culture. In China, there are various kinds of cuisines. Have you ever tasted any of them? Today, let’s learn something about these mouthwatering Chinese foods!

As one of the leading language-teaching websites, we offer the best lessons in Chinese for kids. These online ...

Learn Chinese online anywhere and anytime! If you or your children are interested in learning the language, you can find suitable Chinese lessons based on different age groups on our website. You will find Chinese learning can be so fun!

With this year’s Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, are you already preparing delicious meals and ...

China is well known for having what seems like innumerable holidays and festivals because of its rich and long history. We have another one for you to learn about, but this one is much more recent. On April 20, 2010, UNESCO (a United Nations agency) established Chinese Language Day to commemorate Chinese as one of ...

Recently, there has been a small change in China: when people greet each other in the morning, instead of simply saying “Good morning”, they type out the sentence “Good morning, laborers.”
So, how did the phrase, “打工人(dǎgōng rén) laborer” come into use?

“打(dǎ)” means “to hit” in English. The term “打工(dǎgōng) work” first appeared in Hong Kong. ...

”万圣节 (wànshèngjié) Halloween” is celebrated on October 31st in many countries around the world, and even though it’s not a Chinese holiday, over the years it has become very popular in China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries and regions. But today we won’t spend much time on the cultural background of this holiday – since ...

Today is the Children’s Day. Many countries in Asia celebrate this day.
“儿童节 (Értóng jié): Children’s Day”, is officially known as International Children’s Day. However, The holiday is officially called “六一国际儿童节 (Liùyī guójì értóng jié)”, which translates to “June 1 International Children’s Day” in Chinese. It is a day where everyone brings joy to children to ...

Many Chinese idioms and proverbs have wonderful stories about how they originated. This fable is a classic story from ancient China. It is said to be written by Lie Zi during the Warring States period and holds a great moral that is essential for all people seeking wisdom and knowledge.
两小儿辩日 (Liǎng xiǎo ér biàn ...

This catchy children’s song was written by Zhao Yingjun–and it is now a hit. It has become a very popular children’s song since it was sung by a lovely father(Jia Nai Liang) and daughter(Jia Yunxin), and is now often sung and loved by many children across China. The upbeat rhythm and cheerful lyrics make people ...

Do you know why cats always want to eat mice? Read the following story to find out!
Listen to the whole story:

Key Learning Points (Preview):
睡 (shuì): v. to sleep

吃 (chī): v. to eat

Hěn jiǔ yǐqián, māo hé lǎoshǔ jìshì línju, yòushì hǎo péngyou.
很    久 以前, 猫    和  老鼠  既是 邻居,又是   好     朋友。
Long time ago a cat and a mouse were neighbors and ...

乌鸦喝水(wūyā hē shuĭ) How did a Thirsty Crow Successfully Drink Water?
Listen to the story:


Yìzhī wūyā kŏukĕ le, dàochù zhăo shuĭ hē.
一只 乌鸦  口渴  了,到处   找      水 喝。
A crow felt thirsty and was looking for water everywhere.
Zhèshí, wūyā kànjiàn yígè píngzi. Píngzi lĭ yŏu shuĭ, kĕshì píngzi hĕn gāo, píngkŏu ...

A rabbit and a tortoise decide to hold a race competition, and the winner will win the ticket to the Forest Concert.
(Want to take part in a concert and listen to some beautiful songs.)
Wèi le yíng dé sēnlín yīnyuèhuì de ménpiào, xiăo wūguī juédìng jiēshòu xiăo tùzi de tiăozhàn,
1. 为  了  赢   得  森林     音乐会   的   门票,   小   乌龟    决定    接受         ...

化肥 (Huà féi) Fertilizer

Hēi huà féi fā huī, huī huà féi fā hēi.
黑    化  肥 发 灰,  灰  化   肥 发 黑。
Black fertilizers look gray, gray fertilizers look black.
Hēi huà féi fā hēi bù fā huī, huī huà féi fā huī bù fā hēi.
黑    化  肥 发 黑  不 发 灰, ...

大麦和小麦 (Dàmài hé xiăomài)The barley and the wheat

Dàmèi hé xiăomèi, yì qĭ qù shōu mài.
大妹    和  小妹, 一 起 去   收   麦。
The old sister and the young sister go to get wheat together.
Dàmèi gē xiăomài, xiăomèi gē dàmài.
大妹    割   小麦,  小妹     割   大麦。
The old sister cuts the ...

灰、龟、鬼(Huī,   guī,   guĭ)Ash, turtle, ghost

Yuăn wàng yì duī huī, huī shàng dūn gè guī, guī shàng dūn gè guĭ.
远        望  一  堆  灰,灰    上     蹲  个  龟,龟    上      蹲  个  鬼。
It is a pile of ash from distance where a turtle sits and a ghost sits on the ...

孩子和鞋子(Háizi hé xiézĭ) The child and the shoes

Háizi shì háizi,   xiézĭ shì xiézĭ,
孩子  是 孩子,鞋子 是  鞋子,
Child is child, shoes are shoes,
Háizi bú shì xiézĭ,    xiézĭ bú shì háizi.
孩子  不 是  鞋子,鞋子 不 是  孩子。
Child is not shoes, shoes are not child.
Shì háizi chuān xiézĭ,  bú shì xiézĭ chuān háizi.
是  孩子    穿 ...

长藤挂铜铃 (Cháng téng guà tóng líng) The Vine Hangs a Copper Bell

Qīngqīng shānshàng yī gēn téng, qīngténg dĭ xià guà tónglíng,
青  青          山 上      一  根   藤,  青 藤     底 下  挂    铜   铃,
On a green mountain grows a vine. Under the vine hangs ...

One of the most popular cartoons in China in 2009 is Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf. It is about a goat family and a wolf family. The goat family fights smartly with the wolf family, and the wolves are not smart enough to gain advantage over the goats. The following ...

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