Affiliate Program

Become an official member of eChineseLearning's Affiliate Program and start earning cash today.

How does it work?

After becoming an eChineseLearning Affiliate, you will be able to place or embed your Affiliate F-Code and Affiliate tracking link on any of your social media accounts, blog pages, and/or website. The Affiliate link and Affiliate F-code will allow us to track who finds us through you.
If someone referred by you purchases a subscription within 90 days after being referred, you will receive a commission (with the exact amount depending on the plan purchased). We will send a payment to you through PayPal 60 days after the end of that month. Even if the person you refer doesn’t buy a course package, you still can qualify for a commission if she/he finishes a free trial with eChineseLearning.

What will I earn?

You will earn up to 15% of sales (up to 925 USD) as commission for every new eChineseLearning student referred by you. On top of this, even if someone that uses your link doesn’t buy a course package from us, you will STILL be credited 5 points (1 point = 1 USD) for every new eChineseLearning subscriber who has finished a free eChineseLearning trial class.

How can I join?

Contact our liaison ( to register for an Affiliate account with eChineseLearning. Once your information has been confirmed and you have been approved, you will receive an e-mail with your very own unique Affiliate F-Code and tracking code to track your commission.

Affiliate Commission

When a user signs up using your unique Affiliate link or Affiliate F-Code, you'll receive a commission, with the amount depending on the package that the referred user buys.
  • If a referred user signs up for a free trial lesson and buys a course package, you will earn up to a 15% commission of the sale (up to 925 USD)
  • If a referred user just takes a free trial lesson, you will be credited 5 points (1 point = 1 USD, payment issued quarterly)
Becoming an eChineseLearning Affiliate is free and easy! If you love eChineseLearning and want to make some extra money by recommending it, feel free to contact us.

Why you should become an eChineseLearning Affiliate

1. Earn up to $925 per subscription! You can get 11%-15% of sales as commission for every new eChineseLearning student referred by you, regardless of any ongoing promotions.
2. Earn credit even if students don't purchase an eChineseLearning course package.
3. We offer exclusive discounts for students recommended by our Affiliate partners.
4. Quality Instruction and Quality Assurance System! Over the past 14 years, students from over 100 countries from ages 3 to 86 have learned Chinese online with eChineseLearning.
5. We provide every affiliate partner with a variety of eChineseLearning marketing posters, text and links that will attract the attention of your friends and social media.
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