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Chinese Speaking: Chinese Pinyin and Tones

Speak Chinese

Everybody knows that language is a key tool for communication, and that speaking is a very important part of studying any language. For the Chinese language, being able to speak Chinese properly is an extremely important part of mastering the language. eChineseLearning offers you free Chinese learning resources to help you speak Chinese well, including Chinese pinyin, Chinese characters, Chinese conversation practice and more! You can also explore our range of one-to-one courses to see which one is the best fit for you.

● Chinese pinyin is a Roman-letter based system that China now uses to mark the pronunciation of Chinese characters. Learning pinyin is the first step toward learning how to speak Chinese. Chinese pinyin consists of initial consonants and final or compound vowels.

 Learn to speak Chinese: Pinyin-Vowels!
In our Chinese language classes, the teacher will use pinyin, a way of writing Chinese using the Roman alphabet, to systematically teach you Chinese pronunciation.

 Learn to speak Chinese: Pinyin-Consonants!
Chinese Pinyin-Consonants are another part of pinyin. Learn to correctly pronounce consonants when you start Chinese language learning.

● After you master pinyin, you can start learning Chinese characters, which are a cornerstone of learning how to speak the Chinese language. There are over 80,000 Chinese characters, but most of them are seldom used today. As a result, it is only necessary to learn a few thousand to master the modern Chinese language.

 Learn more characters for Chinese speaking!
Even though Chinese characters have transformed with the changes of society, they have remained valuable tools in the exchange of our ideas and feelings.

● After completing the above steps, you will be ready to start studying Chinese conversations, which will improve your level of Chinese speaking quickly and effectively. Since real Chinese conversations show you how Chinese words are actually used, studying them will rapidly improve your Chinese speaking!

 Learn to speak Chinese through more conversations!
The Chinese conversations provided by eChineseLearning cover a wide range of topics and are designed for people who want to learn Chinese speaking and communicate freely and effectively in Chinese in their daily lives.

● Chinese songs are also good materials for learning how to speak Chinese. eChineseLearning offers you many Chinese songs to aid your study.

 Learn to speak Chinese through more Chinese songs!
It is a better way to learn Chinese speaking through Chinese songs.

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