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General Chinese

eChineselearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineselearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

In this fast moving world, people are always busy. And sometimes you just have to wait.

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He broke the sales record this month. She got the scholarship from Princeton University. You are ready to compliment them: “Good job!”

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In the west, there are two common forms of washing: showering or taking a bath. There is this same difference in China over “洗澡(xǐzǎo) bathing,” except instead of it being a preference for one or the other that decide how one bathes, it is if you live in the north or south. That is ...

Facebook, Google, Yahoo… We are really familiar with these famous brand names, aren’t we? Recently, we were asked to coin a brand name for our product. Everyday we racked our minds, rack, rack, rack… How difficult it is to find a perfect name! How do the creators of these brands think up names? Oh, they ...

What would you say if you totally agree with somebody’s opinion?

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"大材小用 (dàcáixiǎoyòng)" literally means "to use big materials to do small things." It is used now to express that talented people are being misused.
Key Learning Point (Preview):
大材小用 (dàcáixiǎoyòng) to waste one's talent on a petty job



Idiom Story:

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Nánsòng mò, Jīnguó búduàn nán qīn. Xīn Qìjí cānjiāle kàng jīn yìjūn.
南宋        末, 金国    不断     南   侵。辛弃疾 参加了  抗   金 义军。
At the ...

At some point every foreigner must face the Chinese toilet. Try as you might, you’ll one day find yourself hearing nature’s call with no ritzy Western restaurant in sight. And then it’ll happen again, and again, and then again. But never fear! Those public restrooms you’ve seen lingering around the city are always content to ...

It’s said that when China’s then-leader Deng Xiaoping visited Texas 35 years ago, he was gifted a green cowboy hat by some of his hosts as a sign of hospitality. Deng squirmed at the idea of wearing the hat, and his hosts couldn’t figure out why. They should have done their research! In ...

With the upcoming election it is time to hone your Chinese skills and learn how to give your opinion on this subject! Will you be voting for the first woman to become a U.S. president or Donald Trump? Perhaps you won’t be voting but still want to discuss this topics with Chinese friends. This lesson ...

Bargaining sometimes can be similar to warfare. If you want to win, you need some weapons.

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Oh, my god! I win the lottery! Oh, my god! He proposed to me! Oh, my god! I got the signature from Lady Gaga! Oh, my god! …

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"得寸进尺 (décùnjìnchǐ)" means that if you give someone an inch, they will take a mile. Nowadays, people usually use this expression to describe someone who is very greedy.

Key Learning Point (Preview):

得寸进尺(décùnjìnchǐ) If give someone an inch, he will take a mile.


Idiom Story:

Zhànguó mò qī,   qī xióng zhēng bà. Qízhōng Qínguó hěn qiángdà, bìng túmóu tǒngyī ...

Your friend did something silly. Express your feeling in a lighthearted way.

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To be single is to be like an abandoned pup. Melodramatic, huh? In China, there’s a popular term for this unpleasant state of affairs: 单身狗 (dānshēnɡǒu), which translates to “single dog.”

“单身狗 (dānshēnɡǒu) Single dog” is an Internet slang. It refers to people who are single or who don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. In ...

Your Chinese female friends felt offended when you called them “xiǎojiě.” But why? Watch this video and find out the answer.

Love is in the air, and if you’re like many people, that means you’ve got one or two wedding invitations headed straight for your mailbox. As if deciding what to gift newlyweds isn’t hard enough, in China there are some culture-specific taboos. You’ll want to be aware of before you get shopping.
Ones and Twos

The Chinese ...

When learning Chinese, especially when you are not in China, you need a method to help you make the Chinese stick. One way to do that is to make Chinese feel like it is essential to your every day life, as it would be in China. Here are some fun ways you can make Chinese ...

Too shy to let your guard down and bust a move when you’re on a night out? Maybe you should let China’s square dancers help you get in the groove. If you walk around a Chinese city in the evening, you’ll surely find them.
“广场舞 (guǎngchǎngwǔ) square dancing” is a wildly popular form of recreation in ...

雪中送炭 (xuězhōngsòngtàn) To offer fuel in snowy weather

Key Learning Points (Preview):

木炭 (mùtàn) n charcoal  


品尝 (pǐncháng) v taste



Sòngcháo de shíhou, sòngtàizōng Zhào guāngyì shì yígè guānxīn qióngkǔrén de huángdì. 
宋朝         的  时候,    宋太宗         赵    光义     是  一个 关心       穷苦人      的  皇帝。
Zhao Guangyi was an emperor who cared a lot for the poor in the Song Dynasty.


Yǒu yìnián ...

Food is a big deal in China. In fact, food and eating are so important that a common greeting is “你吃了吗?(Nǐ chī le ma?)” This means, “Have you eaten yet?” Want to find out about one of the most delicious, regional cuisines in China? Keep reading to feel the heat!

Chinese cuisine is categorized into four ...

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